Online, real time inventory management software.

Plastyk Studios are a qualified Unleashed Business Partner.

By combining Unleashed with other online services, you can automatically sync your physical outlet, warehouse, and online store. You always know what stock is on hand and where it is, so you never miss a sale. Like Unleashed, Vend operates on any device with a web browser making it incredibly easy to scale and meet your growing business demands. New capability is being delivered all the time to help you grow your business, not your workload.

Unleashed is packed with powerful features to benefit your business. Here are just a few:

Complete visibility

  • No more waiting for the end of the month – with everything online you can see how your business is ticking along in real-time from the smart dashboard.

Real stock control

  • Make the most of the insight offered by real-time profit and loss updates.

Track stock across multiple locations

  • Easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations (different countries, states or cities are managed with ease).

Buy or sell in any currency

  • Unleashed makes your business truly global. It enables you to buy or sell in any currency with all transactions converted back to your base currency for accurate reporting.

Costed Purchase Orders

  • Often there are more costs involved in acquiring stock than just the buy price. Unleashed lets you add these additional costs (such as freight and duty) for each purchase order during the receipting process.

Assembly – Bills of material

  • Unleashed's handy kitting feature means that you can sell bundled products without having to pre-assemble them.

Back Ordering

  • Sometimes you don't have all the stock on-hand to fulfill a sale. With Unleashed, you can seamlessly split the sale into multiple shipments.

Pick, Pack & Dispatch

  • Take control of every order going out the door. Unleashed Software’s pick and pack features give you more control of your warehouse operations.

Customise your paperwork

  • Design your paperwork just how you like. Your business is unique, so Unleashed gives you the control to customize your paperwork to fit with your processes.

Effortless integration

  • You can expand your business capability through integrating Unleashed with other best of breed cloud solutions. Unleashed software’s online platform has been built to seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based business solutions which means you can easily link up your Unleashed account with other services that are complementary.

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Being cloud-based, Unleashed can be connected to other best of breed programs.

Create the perfect business platform by integrating Unleashed with accounting, point of sale and ecommerce solutions.

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