Kounta Just Works. On Anything.

Kounta will run on Macs and iOS devices, as well as PCs, Albert, Android and even legacy POS equipment. It also supports a wide array of printers, barcode scanners, credit card swipers, PIN pads, and cash drawers.

Online Or Off, Kounta Keeps You Selling.

If your internet connection goes down, Kounta keeps right on going without a hitch.  You can keep selling, and when you’re back online your data’s synced back to the cloud.

All Your Data In One Place

Your inventory, menus, customers, employees, vendors, and purchases are all stored and tracked in Kounta.  And because your data lives in the cloud, they take care of security and backups.

Lightning Fast

Kounta works fast, and is responsive to your input.  Beyond its efficient code, Kounta’s intuitive design makes using it quick and efficient, minimizing “user latency.”

Access Anywhere, Anytime

With access to reporting, analytics, and, well, all your data in Kounta available from a web browser, shop owners will never be caught unaware again.

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Build And Integrate With Kounta

Kounta’s modern RESTful API is the foundation of it's flexible and scalable platform, and facilitates the integration of other apps or online services with Kounta.  

Integrate your accounting system, online shop, or even build a new app tailor-made for your needs!

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