Exciting new updates for Unleashed Software

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The inventory management software Unleashed has received an exciting new update, including extra features that will prove incredibly useful for day-to-day use of the program. Here's what's new...


Data Exporter
Data Exporter

You can now extract selected data out of Unleashed into a .csv file. For example, if you have a 3PL partner and need to create a template, or have specific data that you need to display for a financial report. 

Label Printing

 label printing

Rather then export data into another system for label printing, you can now create and print product labels directly out of Unleashed. 

Assembled by date

assembled by

Add an 'assemble by' date to ensure you keep on top of orders, and create a production schedule for each week. It's easy to search for late assemblies for better management of production.

Xero enhancements

Xero enhancements

Xero enhancements include the ability to email a Xero invoice within Unleashed, pass Unleashed discounts directly to Xero and link invoices in Xero back to Unleashed transactions. What an exciting improvement! 


We're here to help

If you would like to learn the nitty-gritties of these features, or need a demonstration, please contact us to book in a meeting with an Unleashed Expert. 

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