Unleashed's B2B Portal



Unleashed is a cloud based inventory management program that allows businesses to receive real time data on products, purchases and sales. As of tomorrow, it get's even better! Unleashed will be releasing their B2B portal.

What is a B2B eCommerce store? 

It's a platform that enables companies to take their B2B sales online instead of dealing with orders manually. This brings several benefits for growing businesses: 

  • Costly errors that are common with phone orders are minimised
  • Sales processes that used to be manual are fully automated, improving efficiency
  • Time wasted on entering orders can be spent growing their customer base

Plus, it offers massively improved buying experience for your clients' customers. With the Unleashed B2B store, they can place orders and reorders, check their order status, and see what stock is available - without having to pick up the phone. 

If you're interested in giving it a try, here's how to setup the Unleashed B2B portal. 


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