Out of Action: Mollom Spam Blocker

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We've all been there, and we all hate it. SPAM.

It's true you might receive an 'interesting' sounding email every now and then, but if you've had a dramatic increase in junk emails recently, you might be asking yourself; 'Why am I receiving so many spam messages?!?' 

In the past, we've used Mollom spam protection on some of our website forms to identify potential spam messages and block them before they hit your email account.

Unfortunately, as of April 2018 Mollom is officially out of service, and anyone using their spam protector will need to change providers to continue having those annoying emails blocked. We recommend using Google reCAPTCHA

not a robot

Swap from Mollom, to Google's reCAPTCHA for help to block spam on website forms


What does Google reCAPTCHA do? 

In their words: "Easy on humans. Hard on bots."

They use a process to make it difficult for automated 'bots' to submit spam messages via your online contact forms. The user simply ticks a box at the end of the form to confirm they are a human, and Google blocks the rest. There's also a nifty feature for the visually impaired who can use an audio option to prove they are the real-deal. 

A little bit of protection can make a big difference, so if you've been receiving a ton of junky emails, it might be worth contacting us to see if your spam protection needs to be updated, or added to your site.  

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