Marketing gold - using your email receipts

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A oft-overlooked marketing opportunity

Think about it. When you've purchased something online, you nearly always have the receipt emailed to you. You open it to check everything is okie-dokie, often to save the tax invoice. What a perfect opportunity to reinforce a brand and products with customers...

  • Receipts have an open rate of 70.90%, compared to the average 17.19% for regular email marketing
  • Customer trust and confidence is at its maximum, they've already committed to your brand and product(s)
  • You can cross-sell to other products in your store
  • Use the opportunity to offer a discount code for their next purchase
  • Promote your social media accounts
  • Allow customers to share their purchase on Facebook

You can also use your email receipts to get immediate feedback on your products and services. Customers/clients are "in the zone" and more likely to respond with genuine, accurate comments on how you performed.

So tissy up your receipts to make use of this little gold mine!