Kounta's Got a Fresh New Look

Kounta NEW LOOK1

Kounta is constantly working to understand it's customers and rethink their user experience. Here's a summary of what they've discovered about their customers, and the changes they're making to Kounta as a result. 


Earlier in the week Kounta announced an important update to their system as part of their mission to better understand their customers and rethink the Kounta experience. 

Now it's official. Starting from 11pm AEDT on Monday, January 22nd, Kounta will begin rolling out these eagerly awaited updates! 

As part of this project, they've also revealed some fascinating insights into their goals, values, and research outcomes. If you've got the time, you can read the summary here.

Through their detailed study of customers, support tickets, interviews and surveys, they uncovered some interesting points about what we (their customers) actually want, and made it their focus to deliver these outcomes. Here's just a few of the points they uncovered:

You want to stay focused

When you’re serving customers, Kounta can’t distract you. Everything else can wait until you’re not with customers.

You want a total solution

Kounta is only as good as the hardware, software, and the people who use it - they all need to work together flawlessly.

You want help optimising Kounta

When set up correctly, Kounta can transform your business. But you need personalised help to set up Kounta in the best possible way.
As a result, the following adjustments have already been made... 
...and there's much more to come! 


The Biggest Change

Starting Monday 22nd January, Kounta are also rolling out their new UI. It takes design cues from your business to better fit your aesthetic.

They call it the Chameleon

It's designed to make Kounta blend in with your environment and also includes subtle improvements to make Kounta easier for your team to use.

Here's an example of how it will look:





See what else is new

Back Office Updates

  1. New Colours and Fonts
  2. POS, Profile and Help Icons
  3. Switching between Companies and Sites
  4. Side-bar Menu

Point of Sale Updates

  1. Help and Switch User
  2. Search Bar
  3. Tables, Orders, and History Buttons
  4. Hand Symbol
  5. Editing a Product on a Sale
  6. Error Symbols


We know change can be intimidating at times.

That's why we have designed training workshops based on the most up to date information from Kounta's official guide and solutions to common issues our clients encounter.

This ensures you and your staff are well prepared, correctly setup and working efficiently.

Contact us to book in a session with your team today. 

 We're here to help you grow!