5 Simple Steps to Start Selling on Amazon


How to sell on Amazon

Which of these sound like you?

I sell my products....

  •  in-store and online
  • at markets and pop-up shops
  • online through my website
  • on ebay, gumtree, and social media
  • on all of the above (#respect)

Regardless of your current setup; Amazon. Is. Here.

and you might be wondering....

"How can I start selling on Amazon Australia?" "Can I connect my amazon seller account with my website and inventory management software?"

Well buckle up and hold on tight. We'll whizz you through 5 simple steps to start making sales (and money!) on Amazon. 

Get cracking:

Step 1: Sign up for an Amazon account. There are a couple of plans to choose from depending on your sales volume or price. Here's a link to get you started.

Step 2: Add your products to the Amazon Catalogue. Here's how it's done.  

Step 3: Send your products to Amazon's warehouse. Depending on where you ship to, there may be a couple of funky shipping rules to be aware of. Here's how to handle shipping requirements to Amazon.

Step 4: Integrate your eCommerce website or Inventory Management System with Amazon so that orders will seamlessly flow into your management software. (We can help with this one!)

Step 5: Now's the fun part: with your smart phone in one hand and a frozen daiquiri in the other, kick back in your hammock and let Amazon advertise, sell, ship and complete your orders for you!


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