Google Maps is No Longer a Free Service :(

google maps new pricing


How will this effect you?

Google recently announced a new pricing structure for websites using the Google Maps API to display customised maps - in plain English, that means it's no longer a free service for high traffic or map heavy sites.

So... Can you still use Google Maps for free? 
Maybe! Google is giving each customer US$200 credit each month, so for most sites, the service will continue to be free.

How do you know if your site has been effected?
Part of this change as seen some maps appearing with a "For development purposes only" message.

So what now? 
The new pricing structure from Google is very complicated, so while we could rabbit on about the details (which may or may not apply to you) just give us a call on the old fashioned telephone and we'll look at your site, and see exactly how these changes will affect you.

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