Australian e-stores infected with card stealing malware

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According to the Australian Government website, "Stay Smart Online", there has been a number of Australian stores infected with card stealing malware.

What does this mean? 

In basic terms, Malware (a form of software) has been installed onto e-commerce websites which records keystrokes such as personal and credit card details, usernames and passwords and then sends this information to the cyber criminals. 

How do they do it? 

Interestingly, it's been easy for these criminals to access and install the malware on Magento stores. How do they do it? Simply by guessing your password!! The warning is; make sure your password is secure. 

Could my site be affected?

Report by itNews shows that this malware could have hit over 100 Australian e-stores... and that's just in Magento! 

Now would be a good time to check if your store has been affected, or to see if you have any suspicious transactions in your bank accounts. 

 Here's how to protect yourself:
  1. For those using Magento, they have published some advice on how to detect whether you have malware running on your site. 
  2. Look through your logs to see if there are any unusual administrator logins
  3. Regularly update your computers and apps to prevent hackers from getting through
  4. Ensure you have a strong password on every system you operate. Yes, it can be hard to remember, but it's worth it! 
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