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About kinetyk

What does Kinetyk provide?

Kinetyk provides the expertise a business requires connecting with various online applications seamlessly. We have an energetic and focused team supported by sound business analytics and common sense. We believe there are more economical and clever solutions to integrate business applications that produce a robust and streamlined success.

What does Kinetyk specialise in?

Kinetyk has the in-house services to plan and create a customised, scalable, tightly integrated and module-based solution tailored to the requirements of your business via cloud-based systems and custom programming.

We recommend, plan and implement a suite of integrated applications that your business can use to streamline most processes including:

  • Resource Planning
  • Point of Sale
  • Payments
  • Service Delivery
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Workforce Management

We help you collect, store, manage & interpret your data.

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Plastyk Studios
93b Unley Road, Unley
Adelaide, South Australia 5061
Phone +61 8 8357 7700 

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